Who Can Benefit from Coaching?

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Who Can Benefit from Coaching?

We often learn from the past. What could we have done differently? How have we changed? It is much more difficult to learn from the present, to set aside daily needs and stressors and see things as they truly are.

This is especially true in the professional world, and it gets more challenging the further you go. This is why coaching is so beneficial! An experienced coach gives you the perspective that’s easily lost in the rigors of everyday work.

Here are some of the people who can benefit from a skilled coach.


Got people at your company going somewhere fast? Prepare them before it’s time, not afterwards! A coach can identify key derailers or improvement areas well ahead of a high-potential’s next promotion, priming your succession pipeline for success. Most importantly, it trains them in the art of introspection, vital for a career at higher levels.

New Managers

Even the most skilled employees can struggle when managing others for the first time. Research from the Center for Creative Leadership indicates that first-time managers have unique struggles, chief among them the transition from technical expertise to leadership savvy. A coach can help a first-time manager understand how their behaviors help or hinder their ability to lead others.

C-Suite Executives

Men and women in the boardroom make complex decisions with huge implications. It’s a stressful job, and one that requires constant self-awareness and improvement. Outside perspective helps these people analyze and think critically about those decisions. A coach that encourages personal responsibility and growth is invaluable for those at the highest levels of your organization.

Independent Consultants or Contractors

Being your own boss sounds ideal, but in reality is quite challenging. Who are you accountable to? Who gives you feedback? A coach provides the neutral perspective you need for your business, consultancy, or freelance operation.

Are you or someone you manage interested in coaching? Over two decades, Dr. Azevedo has coached a variety of clients, from the ground floor to the boardroom. With experience in family businesses and Fortune 100 companies and a background in psychotherapy, he can help propel your career to new heights.

Contact Azevedo Family Psychology today, and let’s see where coaching can take you!

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