How the Highlands Ability Battery Can Benefit You

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November 1, 2017
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How the Highlands Ability Battery Can Benefit You

We’re all good at something. These are our natural abilities, and natural as they may be require deliberate effort to master. This is especially relevant when making educational or career decisions. Where will you perform best? What is the best use of your time and skill?

The Highlands Ability Battery can help answer that question. Through an online test and an in-person feedback session, you can plan your professional or educational future. The test is simple: you complete an online activity that times your completion of certain work samples. Afterwards, you receive a customized report that you explore with a certified consultant. It’s easy, fun, and enlightening.

But who can benefit from such a test? We’ve outlined some examples below!

Seniors or Recent Graduates

Even with a great degree and job prospects, it’s easy for recent graduates to feel lost without the familiar structure of school. The Highlands Ability Battery can determine jobs that fit your skills, helping you choose your next step in life. This is also valuable for anyone considering grad school, particularly a program outside your undergraduate discipline.

An Independent Consultant or Contractor

If you work independently, it can be tough to get objective feedback. Though not a traditional feedback assessment, the HAB provides a neutral assessment of your skills, helping you grow your business and continue to grow independently.

An Experienced Professional

A long career – especially in the same job – can easily make you complacent. You get used to the same role and responsibilities and forget how you can grow. The HAB reminds you of your strengths, and offers guidance should you seek to change careers.

A New Hire or Recent Promotion

Have you recently started a new position, or joined a new team at work? It can be tough to figure out where you fit in. The HAB can help you learn to sell your best traits, figuring out how you best complement a team.

Looking to take the Highlands Ability Battery? Dr. Azevedo is a Certified Highlands Consultant, and can administer this test to clients in Cary and the greater Raleigh-Durham area! Contact Azevedo Family Psychology today, and let’s get started.

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