The Relationship Roadtrip

August 26, 2020

Relationship Roadtrip (Ep. 27)

Ah, the solo road trip. A time-honored tradition. Hours on the road with nothing but your own thoughts. Sound like a nightmare? You might need to […]
August 19, 2020

Relationship Roadtrip (Ep. 26)

It’s an exciting week here at RRT headquarters – this week we have some listener questions! Tune in and find out why “I don’t care” might […]
August 12, 2020

Relationship Roadtrip (Ep. 25)

This week Don’s in the hotseat as the only middle aged person on the show! He takes us through his experiences with friends over the years, […]
August 6, 2020

Relationship Roadtrip (Ep. 24)

This week is a weird one because Ben’s computer broke, so he’s patched himself in where necessary. It’s ok though, because of the three, he’s the […]